The Vermentino of Gallura

The Vermentino

No other white grape identifies itself with Sardinia as much as the Vermentino.

If you are wondering what is the symbolic wine of Gallura, the answer is simple: Vermentino. Produced with vines that only in this area, could they find the perfect habitat.

The Gallurese subsoil is of granitic origin and rich in potassium. This peculiarity, combined with the mistral wind that rages across the territory and the warm temperate climate, determines the birth of a unique product in the world, which distinguishes it from the Ligurian and Tuscan productions.

Among the 21 areas where it is cultivated, you will find Luogosanto.
With a characteristic straw yellow color and an intense and subtle aroma, the taste is soft with a slightly bitter aftertaste, with fruity and floral scents.

The origins

It is not clear when this vine arrived in Sardinia. The assumption is that it arrived from Spain, with oriental origins. It became widespread in Corsica and then in our island around the fifteenth century.

Vermentino has always produced excellent white wines. So much to get the DOC recognition in 1975 and, the only Sardinian wine, the DOCG in 1996.

The grapes used to produce Vermentino di Gallura DOCG must come exclusively from the tlands of the communities of Aggius, Aglientu, Arzachena, Badesi, Berchidda, Bortigiadas, Budoni, Calangianus, Golfo Aranci, Loiri Porto San Paolo, Luogosanto, Luras, Monti, Olbia , Oschiri, Palau, S. Antonio di Gallura, S. Teodoro, St. Teresa di Gallura, Telti, Tempio Pausania, Trinità d’Agultu and Viddalba.

The minimum 95% Vermentino grape variety is allowed. For the remaining 5%, white non-aromatic vines which are suitable for cultivation in Sardinia.


A great wine needs excellent dishes!

Vermentino di Gallura DOCG goes perfectly with dishes based on fish, lobster, oysters and with Sardinian specialties such as taglionini pasta with lobster and Carloforte bottarga (dried fish roe). Other traditional dishes excellent to pair, are the “s’azzada”, which is the Sardinian name of the garlic with the sauce prepared with the ray fish; the “luvaro”, royal snapper; the “Anguilla Incasada” which is the eel with the pecorino cheese and the fregula (small typical pasta)with clams.

Vermentino di Gallura DOCG should be served cold, 6 ° C and is ideal both during the aperitif and during dinner.